About George O'Neill

George holds the Institute of Corporate Directors, Director (ICD.D) designation and earned an MBA degree from Queen’s University focused on marketing and finance, as well as BSc and MSc Mechanical Engineering degrees from UNB specializing in systems engineering and artificial intelligence.  He has also studied at the China Europe International Business School in Shanghai, Harvard and MIT.


His deep experience in real estate has been gained over four decades. From pre-teen to young adulthood he repaired and maintained properties for others while observing first-hand investor and market behaviour.  This led him to purchase his first investment property while attending university, which he coincidentally still owns.


George has also worked in other businesses as well, including electric utilities, high-tech manufacturing, aerospace and consulting.


Leaving a management consulting role at a global professional services firm, George chose to become a full-time real estate broker in 2007 staking his future on his ability to sell.  After proving successful he founded his own real estate brokerage O’Neill Advisors, growing it over the years to sell residential and commercial properties, as well as businesses.  In 2015 he was approached to resolve a mission critical partnership issue concerning a real estate trade association’s $8 Billion marketplace, which as CEO he resolved over the following four years.


In early 2019 seeing the potential for blockchain and related Web 3.0  technologies to create a better experience for consumers during real estate transactions, George returned to his entrepreneurial roots and founded main st labs and NxtHm.


George is active in Toronto’s technology community, a member of CEO Global, the Founder Institute, ICD and is a proponent of life-long-learning.


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main st labs

main st labs is creating a better experience for consumers during residential real estate transactions and humbly trying to do our part to combat property affordability, which is an ever growing issue, especially for those trying to enter the market for the first time.


We are building on top of a new blockchain real estate platform a suite of DApps and end-user tools.  This will result in improved transaction transparency, more accurate property data, richer search and faster closings, with reduced costs.


The components of this new blockchain real estate platform include:

      • DApps (decentralized applications)
      • end-user tools
      • distributed ledgers
      • smart contracts
      • fungible and non-fungible tokens
      • decentralized governance
main st labs


NxtHm is the next generation residential real estate marketplace.  We aim to provide all the information consumers need to confidently purchase properties online, in a seamless and transparent marketplace where there are no information gatekeepers.

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George O’Neill




Founder:    O’Neill Advisors,  main st labs,  NxtHm

Toronto, ON  Canada